Terms & Conditions:

Conditions of Use

The words within this document that appear in italics are discussed in the section titled Defined Terms & Conditions, which can be found below.

General Website Information

The Yokohama Commercial Website has been established as an information resource for clients and potential customers. The site has been developed and is provided for the following purpose:

  • of informing clients, potential customers and guests of our product range.

By accessing the Yokohama Commercial Website you agree to be bound by the conditions of use as stipulated below. Yokohama is entitled at its sole discretion to change, modify, amend, add or remove any part of these conditions of use and to change, amend or delete any features of the Yokohama Website at any time without notice to guests of the site.

Intellectual Property Protection

Yokohama claims copyright in the Yokohama Commercial Website unless otherwise specified or referenced. Yokohama grants to you, the user a non-exclusive and non- transferable limited license to use the Yokohama website in the following way:

  1. View and download information accessible through the Yokohama Commercial Website Interface.
  2. Use information accessible through the Yokohama Commercial Website, subject to these conditions of use outlined below.

You agree that, subject to your use of the Yokohama Commercial Website in accordance with the license granted to you, as mentioned above, you will not infringe Yokohama's right to copyright in the information you access through the interface or indirectly from the Yokohama Commercial Website. It is agreed that you will not modify any information or images, you will not modify in any way in which you use it which will infringe Yokohama's copyright in the information.


Yokohama may amend or delete any information contained on or accessible through the Yokohama Commercial Website at any time without notice to users. Yokohama does not warrant that the information contained in or accessible through the Yokohama Commercial Website is accurate or without error. The accuracy of any advice, opinion, statement, representation or other information or images displayed on or accessible through the Yokohama Commercial Website is not warranted. Subject to the provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974, Yokohama makes no representations or warranties in respect to the information and materials available on the Yokohama Commercial Website or the means of accessing that information and material. Yokohama makes no warranty or representation with regard to any websites operated by entities other than Yokohama which are or may become linked to the Yokohama Commercial Website.

Use of Information

If you provide any information in the course of accessing or using the Yokohama Commercial Website, you agree that such information will be available to Yokohama to use in any manner it sees fit, subject to applicable provisions of any legislation including (without limitation) privacy legislation. You also agree that you will not upload or otherwise provide any information which is defamatory, malicious or otherwise unlawful which infringes copyright or other proprietary interests of third parties.

Limitation of Liability

You agree that Yokohama is not liable to you or any entity associated with you for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damages arising out of the use by you of the Yokohama Commercial Website, the use by Yokohama of information provided by you to Yokohama through the Yokohama Commercial Website or any such loss or damage which may arise should you be unable to access the Yokohama Website, for whatever reason.

Choice of Law

These terms and conditions, and the agreement of which they form part, is to be governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia. Yokohama has designed the Yokohama Commercial Website for use only within the Commonwealth of Australia and makes no warranties or representations with regard to use by persons accessing the Yokohama Website outside the Commonwealth of Australia.

Entire Agreement Clause

The conditions of use set out above represent the entire agreement between Yokohama and its customers with respect to use of the Yokohama Commercial Website.

Defined Terms

Customer : means existing or potential customers of Yokohama or persons accessing the Yokohama Website for domestic or commercial purposes.
Yokohama : means Yokohama Pty Ltd ACN 002 060 273
Yokohama Website : means the website accessible through the following address www.yokohama.com.au operated by Yokohama Pty Ltd ACN 002 060 273
You and your: means Customers of Yokohama