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Versatile All-Rounder - RB31

E3/L3. Articulated dump trucks and loaders application. Good traction and abrasion resistance.

Versatile All-Rounder - RB31

The extremely durable RB31™ is available in two different applications: the E-3 for articulated dump trucks and scrapers; the L-3 for front-end loaders and graders. Engineered to thrive in the most difficult soft, sandy surfaces, the RB31™ is the only tyre in its category with four steel belts for optimum puncture resistance. Not only is it the perfect tyre for the job, it just may be the perfect tyre.


Flexible OTRbeltwire: creates the industry’s toughest multi-layer, cross-ply steel belt package to improve durability, provide resistance to punctures and to create greater stability.
Flatbase hexagon bead construction: locks the bead in place for greater strength, and increased bead base durability. Its high shore hardness rubber bead filler provides strong twist stiffness for even longer life.

Highturn-up carcass construction: protects against exterior damage with greater lateral stiffness and improved road stability.

Buttress side protection: is the best in its category, protecting against outside damage resulting in fewer sidewall snags and cuts.

Unique nylon cord: provides two-ply nylon chaffer for longer casing life.

Advanced Composition: of our enhanced tread compound provides outstanding wear, low heat generation and cut resistance; while zigza


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