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Long Haul - Drive Tyre - TY517CP

Yokohama's best selling truck tyre. Hard to match in cost per KM.

The wide and deep tread design produces long tread life on long haul highway operations. Shallow lug grooves on shoulder minimise shoulder heel and toe wear.

Long Haul - Drive Tyre - TY517CP

There’s power in these drive axle tyres—maximum power. The popular TY517 drive tyre delivers outstanding traction, long even wear and superior durability. STEM-2 technology enables this tough performer to stand up to destructive forces, resulting in multiple retreads and lower maintenance costs.

Size Position
11R22.5 Drive


28/32" Rib-block Tread Depth: Delivers long wear and road-grabbing power for the long haul without any compromises in traction.

Tapered Centre Groove: This centre-shaped groove promotes stone ejection and reduces tread-stone damage for enhanced casing life and retreadability.

Solid Outer Shoulder: Strong, durable, solid shoulder block ensures flat, even wear on all types of two and three-axle tractors and trucks.

Three Large Circumferential Grooves: Extra wide, self-cleaning, V-shaped grooves for improved water dispersion, lateral stability and long, even wear.

Mud and snow rated for drive power in the toughest of conditions.

STEM-2 Technology for extended casing life, extended retread life, and extended durability.

Rock-ejecting, centre-groove platform enhances casing life and retreadability by minimizing damage to the casing.


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