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Regional - Steer Tyre - 104ZR

Everything a regional steer tyre should be… and more.

Regional - Steer Tyre - 104ZR

As you’d expect from Yokohama, the 104ZR™ regional steer tyre is extraordinarily cut and chip resistant, and features a deeper tread depth for high scrub applications. But what truly sets the 104ZR apart, is that through our Zenvironment™ technology, we deliver exceptional mileage and the lowest rolling resistance in its class—for more fuel savings and cooler operating temperatures. Put simply, it runs cooler, lasts longer, and gives your customers more of what they need on the road.


Superior Protection and Durability
Enhanced sidewall protector bars help shield the casing from scrubbing and curbing, while delivering a smooth, comfortable ride at highway speeds.
Block-shaped stone ejectors prevent stones from traveling to the bottom of the grooves, reducing damage to the casing by 25% to ensure greater durability and retreadability.
An ultra-wide top steel belt increases rigidity across the entyre tread surface, for enhanced durability and to avoid casing damage.
Long, Even Treadwear
The deepest original tread depth of any regional all-position tyre in the industry (23/32”), the 104ZRoffers an extremely long original treadlife to reduce downtime.
Yokohama’s unique serpentine groove pattern is designed specifically to reduce premature shoulder step-down and irregular wear, further preserving overall tread life.


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