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On / Off / Highway - All Position Tyre - MY507

Cut resistant tread compound for on and off-road conditions. Wide tread construction and thick undertread protect against cutting and chipping. Robust casing for multiple re-treads.

On / Off / Highway - All Position Tyre - MY507

The MY507A is designed to provide outstanding durability and performance for wide base on-and-off-highway applications. Equipped with the latest Yokohama technology to extend casing life in tough applications, the MY507A is the perfect choice for vehicles such as concrete mixers, dump trucks and garbage trucks.

Size Position
11R22.5 All Position
295/80R22.5 All Position
315/80R22.5 All Position
255/70R22.5 All Position
385/65/22.5 Trailer
425/65R22.5 Trailer
445/65R22.5 Trailer


Long Mileage: Deep groove depth, and special anti-chip tread compounding gives the MY507 long on & off-road mileage without compromising durability.

Enhanced Traction: Wide, block-type rib provides outstanding wear resistance, and excellent traction in mud, snow & wet condition. Funnel-shaped grooves increase block rigidity for added traction, enhanced resistance against uneven wear and superior ride comfort.

Built-in Durability: Stone ejectors in the tread grooves guard against stone penetration damage to the casing. 


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