Tyre Details

Premium - Steer Tyre - RY023

Premium steer axle for regional/highway service. Wide 5 rib design delivers long mileage and resistance to shoulder wear.

Premium - Steer Tyre - RY023

Durability and high performance under the toughest regional haul and in-city conditions are the hallmarks of the RY023. This sure-footed, five-rib, all-position workhorse features a tough band of additional rubber that protects the sidewall from scrubbing damage caused by curbing and other regional haul and in-city application abuses.

Size Position
205/75R17.5 Steer
215/75R17.5 Trailer
235/75R17.5 Trailer
265/70R19.5 Trailer
11R22.5 All Position
295/80R22.5 Steer


- Wide 5-rib design delivers long mileage & Shoulder wear resistance on steer axle use.

- Deep sub-grooves on ribs wet traction.