Tyre Details

Line Haul - Steer Tyre - RY237

State-of-the-art 5 rib radial provides even wear and long life. Stress wear control groove is engineered to reduce irregular tread wear and increase longevity.

Line Haul - Steer Tyre - RY237

The RY237 steer tyre delivers outstanding handling and stability, long even wear and superior durability. Proven technology enables this tough performer to stand up to destructive forces, resulting in multiple retreads and lower maintenance costs.

Size Position
11R22.5 All Position
295/80R22.5 Steer


Wide 5 Rib Tread Design: provides excellent handling and stability through the large contact area.

Strees Control Grooves: provides consistent contact pressure in both loaded and unloaded conditions.

Contoured Bead Design: allowing for more precise fitment to the rim.

Extra Wide Belts: enhanced protection against puncture and helps maintain tread shape for even wear.