Tyre Details

Wide Base - Trailer Tyre - RY253

Long haul trailer tyre engineered for enhanced even wear and wet traction. Can be used on steer axle to deliver handling performance and resistance to shoulder wear.

Wide Base - Trailer Tyre - RY253

A Low profile, wide base all position tyre for highway applications. This wide-base tyre offers several advantages over dual tyre assemblies: lower initial cost, greater load potential, better fuel economy and easier maintenance.

Size Position
425/65R22.5 Steer
385/65R225 Trailer


Rib Block Tread Pattern: Provides long wear and high grip for excellent traction when required

Solid Outer Shoulders: Strong, solid and durable shoulder blocks ensure event tread wear is obtained when used in all drive axle configurations

Tapered Centre Groove: The tapered centre groove provides stone ejection and reduces tread-stone damage ensuring enhanced casing life and retreadability

Circumferential Tread Grooves: Extra wide, self-cleaning, V-shaped grooves for improved water dispersion, lateral stability and long, even wear.

Cut Protected Tread Compound: Also available in the TY517CP, cut and chip resistant tread compound for use in applications where some light off road conditions may encountered along with the day to day haul of regular on highway usage.