Tyre Details

Urban - All Position Tyre - RY537

Extra deep tread with 4 rib design ensures long mileage and low cost per kilometre on severe abrasion operation. Sidewall protection minimises kerb damage.

Urban - All Position Tyre - RY537

The RYRY537 All Position tyre delivers outstanding handling and stability, long even wear and superior durability. Proven technology enables this tough performer to stand up to destructive forces experienced in urban bus transport applications providing countless kilometres of trouble free operation.

Size Position
11R22.5All Position
295/80R22.5 Steer
275/70R22.5All Position


Extra Deep Treat Design: allows for improved mileage and reduced cost per kilometre in high-abrasion-wear application.

Sidewall Protection: helps resist cuts, snags, and damage resulting from contact with curbs and obstacles often experienced in local urban bus route operations.

Continuous Shoulder Ribs: helps provide stability and accurate steering response while helping to resist irregular wear and tearing often experienced in urban haul applications.

Extra Wide Tread Design: providing a large footprint contact area for increased stability and handling.