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Multi-Purpose - Drive Tyre - TY287

At approximately 60% of tread wear, the tread becomes a rib pattern suitable for normal highway use. Tread compound delivers traction on wet/snowy surfaces and extends mileage.

Multi-Purpose - Drive Tyre - TY287

The TY287 truck tyre combines all season traction with all position capability. Engineered with the latest Yokohama technology, the TY287 provides long even wear and excellent traction in any weather.

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Circumferential Tread Grooves: wide twin straight grooves provide outstanding water evacuation.

Stiffness Control Sipes: located between the blocks helps control block stiffness, enalbling long even wear and enhanced traction over the life of the tyre.

High Traction Shoulder: open shoulder block design providing increased wet & dry traction.

Noise Reduction Tread Design: three pitch variation reduced noise at the shoulder for a comfortable quiet ride.

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